Taylor Lautner Wants To Show 'Fun' Side In A Comedy

'I did the thing with Jason Sudeikis,' the 'Twilight' star says of how MTV Movie Awards skit showed off his comedy chops.

Taylor Lautner may be gunning to be Hollywood's next big action star, but that doesn't mean he isn't itching for a good comedy as well.

The "Twilight Saga" star recently got some laughs with a Funny or Die sketch called "Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout" and he has appeared in a series of silly skits to promote the MTV Movie Awards in the past two years. At San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, MTV News caught up with the actor, who told us he would "definitely" love to star in a comedy in the future.

"I've always loved comedies," he said. "I did 'SNL,' and then I did the thing with Tom [Cruise] for the MTV Movie Awards, and then most recently I did the thing with Jason Sudeikis, which was a lot of fun," he said of a promo skit with the 2011 awards-show host.

So does Taylor think he has the chops to make it up there with the comedic greats?

"I just like to have fun," Lautner said with a laugh. "I don't think I'm funny at all, but I just like to have fun."

While Lautner hit Comic-Con to promote his action flick "Abduction," he kept things top-secret about another project. The actor was recently seen grabbing a bite to eat with Gus Van Sant and the director's "Milk" screenwriter, Dustin Lance Black, sparking rumors that the three men have a film in the works.

"They are two talented men," Lautner teased. "You'll see."

Of course, Twilighters will recall that two years back, Van Sant was in the running for the job of "Breaking Dawn" director, so Van Sant and Lautner might have been introduced at that time. Time will tell.

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