Lily Collins Says 'Priest' Is No 'Twilight' Vampire Movie

'It's post-apocalyptic, Western, action, sci-fi, and it's in 3-D,' actress tells MTV News.

"Priest" may spin a story about interactions between humans and vampires, and it may feature former "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet, but enough already with the comparisons between this new 3-D action flick and teen-oriented supernatural dramas on TV and the big screen.

Yet the "Priest" cast continually gets asked the same tiresome Twi-questions. As star Lily Collins put it to MTV News, "A lot of people are asking why another movie with vampires, what's so different?"

Her answer to those feeling that pop culture has become saturated with vampires is that you haven't seen anything quite like "Priest," which hits theaters on Friday. "It's post-apocalyptic, Western, action, sci-fi, and it's in 3-D," she explains. "[Director] Scott Stewart's vision of these vampires is very much as alien creatures. They shriek and have their own language and they're the stuff of nightmares and they're all CG."

In other words, this is not an idyllic tale set in the tree-filled environs of Forks, Washington. Rather, the story picks up at the conclusion of a centuries-long war between humans and monstrous vampires. Collins plays Lucy, a young woman who's kidnapped by vampires and used as bait to entice a warrior priest (Paul Bettany) and Lucy's boyfriend (Gigandet) to restart the conflict.

"The character of Lucy is what drew me to the script and the idea that you can play a damsel in distress who ends up a fighter," Collins said. "She's not just the girl who's kidnapped, who screams."

You might just say, then, that she's nothing like Bella Swan in "Twilight," a character who some have accused of being a passive participant in her own supernatural-tinged life. It should be said, however, that "Priest" does have one vampire who's easy on the eyes.

"Karl Urban is the first wave, a new breed of vampires, so he's the only human vampire," Collins said. "He's very different than the romantic side. He's more sensual, because he's the only human. The rest of them are very anti-human and in no way the romantic version."

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