Freddie Gibbs Talks Young Jeezy Collabo, 'Stripes'

'I think that day we were bumpin' some Run-DMC,' Gibbs tells MTV News of inspiration for new track.

Newly signed CTE artist Freddie Gibbs wasted no time collaborating with his label boss Young Jeezy. The song, "Stripes," set to premiere on radio on Tuesday (May 3), features the Gary, Indiana, native and the Snowman over a synth-heavy, hard-as-nails track.

"We definitely talkin' about the same gangsta topics, but I think that day we were bumpin' some Run-DMC so we got into that stripe mode," Gibbs said about the track, which was inspired by the popular 1980s rap group.

The record was produced by Lodi, a beatmaker from Memphis who Jeezy has recently took under his wing. "He one of the coldest in the game right now and he's doin' a lot of work with CTE and we're ready to get it in," Gibbs said after wrapping up his set at the Bamboozle Festival this past Sunday.

Fans can expect this Jeezy/Gibbs collaboration to be the first of many, as Freddie told us that the ATL trap star can help elevate his already-growing buzz.

"The main thing, really, was my admiration I had for Jeezy and the respect I had for him," Gibbs told MTV News. "It definitely wasn't about the money or any of that. I looked at what he does musically and what I do musically and I thought that he could take it to the next level."

As for which major label will distribute Gibbs' upcoming C.T.E. project, Freddie wouldn't reveal, but did say that it wouldn't necessarily be Def Jam--Young Jeezy's current label home. "Nah we got options. We got an ace in the hole with that one though. We got a lot more room to grow doin' it this way," he said. "We got an A-bomb about to drop on that end."

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