Britney Spears Taking Risks For 'Hold It Against Me' Video

'She is taking risks when it comes to fashion, when it comes to choreography, when it comes to this music,' choreographer Brian Friedman says.

In Britney Spears' "For the Record" documentary, the pop icon stressed the importance of dance in her life, even saying that she'd be "dead" without it. And on the heels of a new era in music, the singer is ready to take her signature dance skills to a whole new level in the music video for her latest single, "Hold It Against Me," according to choreographer Brian Friedman.

Speaking with MTV's "The Seven," Friedman dished details on rehearsal time, his take on the new tune and his longtime partnership with the entertainer.

"This is a dance video. Rehearsals can get pretty rough," the choreographer said. "We're playing it safe, we're not trying to kill ourselves yet, but as the video comes closer and closer, we'll definitely be hurting our backs. There was a moment while we were rehearsing where I showed Britney a section and it was something I really wanted her to do, and she freaked out. ... It's crazy when you first see something like that, how overwhelming it can be, especially when you haven't been in the [dance] studio for a year."

Despite Ms. Spears' early hesitation, the dance mastermind said it was probably the wrong section of the routine to show her first, revealing that the pop superstar has learned the moves and is "killing it now."

Reports of a new Britney music video leaked in December when the fansite posted a notice for auditions. "It's been the biggest buzz, you know?" he continued. "There's been a lot of speculation as to when the actual project started and it's been blowing up on my Twitter. People have been asking, 'Are you in rehearsals? Are you in auditions?' and that's the mystery that should be unknown. What we do know is we're in rehearsal studios right now and the video's coming."

How exactly does "Hold It Against Me" fare in comparison to the slew of other dance tunes under Britney's belt? Calling the iTunes chart topper "the hardest dance track that she's ever put out," Friedman said, "It's infectious. The beat gets inside of you, and just when you think you know it, it takes a turn. The song, in particular, is one of my favorite songs I've heard off the bat. I'm really excited about choreographing it."

Spears and Friedman have a long-standing professional relationship, including working together on the pop singer's 2002 dance heavy "Overprotected (Remix)" music video. Later on in his chat with "The Seven," the Illinois native recalled his first encounter with the then-teenager through a mutual friend who was dancing for her at the time. After meeting with the singer, Brian teamed up with her for her Grammy performance.

"From then on, we became friends and she is fun to work with," he gushed. "She's a Southern girl — she's all about having fun and laughing and cracking jokes. I think you can expect the unexpected from Britney. She is taking risks when it comes to fashion, when it comes to choreography, when it comes to this music — she's grown up so much, and she's pushing 30 years old soon, so she's a strong independent woman and I think she wants to show that."

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