'Jackass 3D' Guys Talk Sequel Plans

'We think it's the end, but it's kind of stupid to predict, because here we are again,' director Jeff Tremaine tells MTV News.

Although Johnny Knoxville and his "Jackass" crew say they never plan to make sequels to their very popular movies, the record-breaking $50 million haul "Jackass 3D" pulled in opening weekend might force them to at least try and plan ahead for a fourth film.

"We never make any plans," Knoxville told MTV News recently. "After the first and second one we said, 'We're done!' And here we are doing a third, so I think it would be foolish for us to do any declarations."

But physically, would the boys be up for a fourth film?

"Physically, yeah," Knoxville admitted. "Mentally, yeah."

"The two of us are healthier than we've ever been before," added Steve-O, who is now sober. "Although the other guys may be younger," he laughed.

Director Jeff Tremaine wouldn't give us a yes or no regarding a fourth film but echoed Knoxville's sentiments about not planning their movies — especially sequels — too far in advance.

"We made 'Jackass 3D' as if it's the last, just like we made 'Jackass: The Movie,' just like we made 'Number Two,' " Tremaine said. "So we think it's the end, but it's kind of stupid to predict, because here we are again."

As you may have noticed, there has been a four-year gap in between the release of each of the three movies. Tremaine has a good reason for this: "It takes four years truly to recover, mentally, more than anything."

Once they do manage to recover, it's up to the pranksters to come up with new ideas. "Four years go by, and slowly, I'll just, like, fax over something to Jeff, like a goofy idea," Bam Margera said about his process in coming up with new movie ideas. "Whether it's a really descriptive idea or it could be one sentence that says, 'Sh-- Shoe. Find a shoe, and then sh-- in it.' "

"I wasn't thinking about the third [movie] until we started filming it," Ryan Dunn admitted.

"I'm still not thinking about the third, and we already finished it," Dave England added.

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