Jordin Sparks Talks New 'American Idol' Judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler

On MTV's 'The Seven,' season-six 'American Idol' champ recalls J.Lo appearing as a mentor during her year.

Like many "American Idol" followers, Jordin Sparks is looking forward to seeing how new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will make their mark on the hit talent show. MTV's "The Seven" recently caught up with the season-six winner, who recalled how Lopez dished out advice back when Sparks was competing and said she was amped for the singer/actress to take a seat at the judges' table.

"I'm excited about J.Lo, 'cause she was a mentor on my season and she was really sweet and I thought she gave us great advice," Sparks gushed. "It's gonna be cool to see how she does."

Sparks also said she was looking forward to seeing Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler — and his rock-and-roll sensibility — on the show. "I've always been a fan of Steven Tyler, so I'm excited to watch him," she said.

Glamorous pop hitmaker Lopez and rowdy rock god Tyler will definitely bring new energy to a panel that has been typically populated by industry movers and shakers like producer Randy Jackson and songwriter Kara DioGuardi. Sparks really wants to know who will step up and dole out the blunt criticism that made ex-judge Simon Cowell infamous.

"It's gonna be crazy to see which one takes over the Simon 'role,' I guess," Sparks said. "He's pretty much irreplaceable. but I think everybody kind of has that brutal honesty."

Lopez has said that she won't approach her judging duties with the same caustic flair as Cowell.

"I don't want to let anybody really great [not make it through] because they're nervous, and not get to see what they could have did," Lopez said on Wednesday. "They're going to come in here and be a little bit nervous in the beginning, and then you realize, 'Wow, that person is really talented.' So we work them a little bit more than maybe you've seen in the past. We've given them more of a chance."

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