Paris Hilton Blasts Paparazzi In Maui

'I flew to Hawaii to relax and get some privacy and they won't stop,' socialite tweets.

After her recent drug bust, which sparked a media frenzy and apparently cost her boyfriend his job, it's not surprising [artist id="2024407"]Paris Hilton[/artist] retreated to Hawaii for some time out of the limelight. But being Paris Hilton usually means it's hard to shake the spotlight, and the socialite lamented being flanked by throngs of overzealous photogs while on vacation.

"The paparazzi have been out of control in Maui," Hilton tweeted on Thursday (September 9). "We had to call the cops because they have been trespassing on our property all week trying to get shots. As well as chasing our car wherever we go and almost running other cars off the road. It's not only invasive and annoying, but dangerous as well."

Hilton was spotted in Hawaii on Labor Day weekend and, judging by the rest of her Twitter feed, the starlet kept things low-key, opting for movie nights and breezy surf rock instead of flashy nights on the town. But the socialite's recent legal troubles appear to still be plaguing Hilton, who blasted the proliferation of rumors she feels have spiked since her arrest.

"I flew to Hawaii to relax and get some privacy and they won't stop," Hilton wrote to her followers. "I am so sick of them and all these ridiculous rumors people are inventing, it's disgusting and very hurtful."

Hilton also slammed rumormongers last week, tweeting, "These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel. I'm not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth."

Hilton was charged with felony cocaine possession days after police say they found .8 grams of cocaine in her purse following a traffic stop on the Las Vegas Strip. The heiress has claimed the bag, and its contents, didn't belong to her. Hilton is due back in Vegas for an October 27 court date. If convicted, the socialite could face anything from probation to four years in jail.

In addition to her current legal troubles, Hilton once served a 23-day prison sentence in 2007 for violating probation stemming from a DUI bust the year before.

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