Steven Tyler's Rumored 'American Idol' Gig Surprises Joe Perry

Aerosmith guitarist says Tyler's judging job is a 'done deal,' but the rocker didn't give the band a heads-up.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry said he has been in the dark about bandmate Steven Tyler's alleged "American Idol" plans and that he only heard the news when rumors of the singer's new gig hit the Web.

"I found out on the Internet, like the rest of the world," Perry told The Boston Herald. "There was an Aerosmith afterparty at Studio 54 after the [Las] Vegas show — which none of us in the band knew anything about — and he said some stuff there," Perry said. "I mean, this is no small thing."

Perry also revealed that he's under the impression that Tyler has already inked a contract with "Idol." The guitarist said he would have appreciated a heads-up, since the decision has repercussions for the rest of Aerosmith.

"I mean, after working with me for 40 years, he couldn't tell me about this," Perry said. "Why so secretive? We're told it's a done deal. If Steven is committed to a TV show, that kind of affects the rest of us. We'd like to plan our lives, ya know?"

Perry's concerns suggest that Tyler will indeed take a seat at the judges' table when the 10th season of "Idol" kicks off. Rumors have been swirling about the rocker's move to the talent competition since Ellen DeGeneres announced her departure from the show after one season. Singer/dancer/actress Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity name that has been thrown around as a possible addition to the show.

The fate of the remaining judges — Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson, the only remaining judge who has been dishing out feedback since the show debuted in 2002 — still hangs in the balance. "Idol" reps offered a "no comment" when contacted by MTV News regarding reports that DioGuardi had been ousted from the show. Even before DeGeneres' recent exit, Fox had not confirmed a replacement for straight-talking judge Simon Cowell, who announced in January that he was abdicating his post after the ninth season.

However, with the return of executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, the "Idol" judge lineup may firm up soon. Lythgoe has been vocal about his dream critic team and said he would push to get stars such as Elton John and Usher to give pointers on "Idol." Lythgoe has also said he would welcome back onetime judge Paula Abdul. Abdul, however, has a deal with CBS for her own dance show.

Lythgoe said he's open to bringing Tyler's wild style to the show. "He has come through that whole rock-and-roll circus," Lythgoe recently told Variety. "Why wouldn't you want a legend there? You never know what he's going to say. That, as a TV producer, you're interested in."

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