Rick Ross Reveals Hype Williams Will Direct 'Live Fast, Die Young' Video

A day after Teflon Don drops, Ross is already back in the studio making new music.

On Tuesday, [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] celebrated the release of his Teflon Don album with an in-store signing at a Best Buy in Miami and, late, late into the night, a monster bash at the King of Diamonds strip club. The Bawse arrived in style, landing in the parking lot in a helicopter while friends, such as DJ Khaled, waited with his Maybach Music Group artists, including Masspike Miles.

When the new-era Rick the Ruler was in New York earlier this week at MTV's offices, he said he was already recording new material.

"I think this go-round was a lot different," he said about the process of Teflon Don. "I isolated myself from the nonsense and really focused on the music. It's like my vision was so clear. Just two weeks ago, I was in the studio, and I did seven records that could potentially be more potent than the Albert Anastasia music was. I'm just getting better. The more I go into my craft, the better I get. I'm listening to the choruses I'm writing, the things I'm trying. Maybe it might be because I own four studios now. That might be it. I just got in the studio, with the Olympicks, Lex Luger, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. I feel I had so much more to say."

While Ross didn't exactly reveal where these new songs would land, he hinted that they might find their way on the new Triple C's LP Color, Cut & Clarity.

"You see, I got my brothers Triple C's with me. Expect some new music real soon," he said.

Ross hasn't lost focus of his current album, however. He and Kanye West are shooting a video for the single "Live Fast, Die Young" soon. Originally, Ross floated the idea of Spike Lee directing, but he informed us that they have settled on another great.

"Yeah, the homie Yeezy, we decided on Hype Williams. Hype Williams will direct 'Live Fast, Die Young," he revealed. "Hit me up on Twitter @rickyrozay, and the reason I say that, I tweeted a picture of me and the homie Spike Lee. He came to my birthday party. I was brainstorming, like, 'We need that different vibe.' I tweeted a picture with me and the homie Spike. Ultimately, Hype will direct it. But look for Spike to do a Rozay video. I'mma be the first since [Public Enemy's] 'Fight the Power' and the other great [videos he directed back in the day]."

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