Jackson Rathbone, Keri Hilson, Johnny Weir Open Up On 'When I Was 17'

'Twilight' star recalls a particularly creative prank from his high school days.

Jackson Rathbone was a notorious prankster. Keri Hilson was madly, blindly in love. Johnny Weir was a world-traveling ice-skating champion one day and a ridiculed high school outcast the next.

Welcome to another episode of MTV's "When I Was 17," where you learn the inside scoop about your favorite celebs before they were celebs — those random, embarrassing, WTF memories that continue to haunt them even though they've become household names.

When it comes to Rathbone's teenage recollections, the emphasis is most definitely on W...T...F. He and his friends loved to pull pranks, and after their one pal took their prize dorm-room furnishing — a plastic goose — Rathbone took matters into his own hands.

"To get him back, we asked the girl that he liked to write him a note saying to meet him at the beach at a certain time," the "Twilight" franchise star revealed. "He goes down to the beach. We all jump out of the bushes, hogtie him, rip his shirt off, write 'goose thief' on his chest and make him walk to the dorm in his boxers, hands tied behind his back for all the world to see what a goose thief gets."

Weir often found himself the victim of ill-treatment from his high school classmates. "I was the awkward, skinny, smart, driven kid," Weir said. "I was an honor-roll student. I spoke fluent French. I was a bit antisocial. I can't say that I had a really booming social life.

"I was traveling a lot while I was still attending public high school," added the Olympian and former World Junior Figure Skating champion. "So I'd get back from all these beautiful, worldly experiences, and then I'd just be the kid that got made fun of because I was a lot smaller than everyone else."

And when Hilson was 17, well, she ended up suffering through her first broken heart. "My crew, we were like the good bad girls," the "Knock You Down" singer explained. "We weren't promiscuous. I had a boyfriend, but I wore a promise ring and I was still a virgin. I graduated with my V card — that's what we used to call it. My then-boyfriend, I really, really liked him."

But then Hilson's friend discovered that her boyfriend was cheating. "I really couldn't believe it," Hilson said. "I thought he really liked me. And he might have. But I wasn't doing certain things, and maybe this girl was. I was heartbroken, maybe until I met the next one!"

"When I Was 17" airs Saturdays at 11 a.m. on MTV.