'Letters To Juliet' Is A 'Perfect Love Story,' Christopher Egan Says

'It feels like real characters with real issues,' the actor says of the film.

It's probably common for an actor to swoon over Amanda Seyfried while shooting a film with the beautiful actress. So when Christopher Egan had to play up his character's negative views about true love to counteract Seyfried's positive outlook, he knew it was only a matter of time before Charlie would cave in and eventually see the brighter side of love that Sophie saw all along.

"I like that it's coming from a place of loving his grandmother," he told MTV News about the flick, which opens Friday. "I think you can forgive him because of the loss that he's had in his life. He's so protective over his grandmother and this whole idea of tramping across the countryside to find this Lorenzo that's so foreign to him, that's so before his time — it's too confusing for him. And the fact that Amanda's character is so attractive is also what frustrates Charlie."

Whether Charlie and Sophie end up together is for the audience to find out, but the fact that Charlie and Sophie even entertain the idea of being with each other despite their differences is refreshing for Egan.

"I think it's nice in our movie that they don't just hit it off straight away and it's all just happy ever after," he explained. "It feels like real characters with real issues and I think that's the perfect love story — two characters that hate each other in the beginning, but end up transforming over the course of the movie."

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