'Zoolander 2' Writer/Director Has 'Big Plans' For Sequel

'That's what we're aiming for — as many celebrity cameos as possible,' Justin Theroux says.

HOLLYWOOD — Recently the Internet went crazy with news that the world's most beloved fashion models — we're speaking, of course, about Derek Zoolander and his pal Hansel — were in trouble. After a 10-year absence from the big screen, word had come down that "Zoolander 2" had run into some financial trouble and might not get made.

If that's the case, someone might want to tell Justin Theroux — the filmmaker is hard at work on the "Zoolander" sequel script, and when we caught up with him recently he told us that the project was really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

" 'Zoolander 2' is up next," Theroux told us at the "Iron Man 2" premiere. "That's what I'm teeing up.

"We've got some big plans, but they're not fleshed out enough to talk about yet," explained the multitalented star. "I'm writing and directing."

Male models might not think for themselves, but as anyone who has seen the utterly quotable 2001 classic will remember, it had more cameos than a "We Are the World" video. Everyone from Fabio to Christian Slater to Donald Trump, Lance Bass and David Bowie were in the film — and Theroux revealed to us that in the sequel, they'll be even more plentiful.

"I think we're going to triple it," Theroux offered. "I hope we're going to triple it. That's what we're aiming for — as many celebrity cameos as possible."

As for the sequel's plot, the "Iron Man 2" writer explained, "It's 10 years later, and they're completely irrelevant. That's what's happened to them. They've probably fallen off the radar.

"Ben [Stiller] is back, Owen Wilson we think is back," he said of the characters he's currently writing for, Derek and Hansel. "That's it for the moment."

But what about evil fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu? The white-haired baddie and former Frankie Goes to Hollywood keytar player was last seen stroking his white poodle and designing clothes inspired by the homeless. Well, we all now know that Will Ferrell has some free time on his hands, and Theroux revealed that they will indeed be trying to persuade the funnyman to return.

"We hope [Ferrell will come back], fingers crossed," Theroux explained. "No spoilers, but fingers crossed."

Justin also told us that his script is planning to incorporate lots of developments in the modeling world over the last decade, including the rise of reality shows like "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway."

"Yeah," he said of the shows. "Everything in pop culture is up for grabs."

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