Siobhan Magnus Wins The Judges Back With 'Any Man Of Mine'

'Guess who's back? Siobhan!' Kara DioGuardi says after the Shania Twain Week performance.

Country Week is always a wild card on "American Idol," either forcing some creativity from contestants working out of their comfort zones or burying them alive. Since Siobhan Magnus is a bit of a wild card herself, she had no problem tackling Shania Twain Week and making it work for her big voice and oddball sensibility.

Magnus chose "Any Man of Mine," keeping a pretty traditional country arrangement but speeding it up a notch. Twain, who opened up her songbook for the week and acted as mentor, warned Magnus that the song is "all about attitude. You've got to put some attitude in those lyrics."

Siobhan stayed true to Shania's vocals for most of the song — until the end, of course. For the grand finale, she let huge notes fly (including one of her trademark screeches) and unleashed some hair-metal-worthy guitars to match.

The judges have given Magnus a hard time in the past for either coloring inside the lines or going way overboard. What did they think of this go-round?

"I loved it," Randy Jackson said, kicking off the positive reviews and complimenting her "punk/country" look.

"Way to pull the Shania Twain into the station," Ellen DeGeneres said, continuing her choo-choo Twain joke from her first critique.

"Guess who's back? Siobhan!" Kara DioGuardi enthused.

Even Simon Cowell was into it, with one exception: "The screaming at the end may have gone a little bit ... it was almost like you were giving birth up there."

What did you think of Siobhan's performance? Did she get Shania's "attitude" right? Let us know in the comments!

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