Mark Hoppus Talks Trousdale Press Project With All Time Low

'We're hoping to have the album tracking finished in the next two weeks,' Blink-182 bassist tells MTV News.

Earlier this week, [artist id="2121977"]All Time Low[/artist] took to their Twitter account to let fans know that they were logging some studio time with [artist id="1349292"]Mark Hoppus[/artist]. It was an announcement that was greeted with much enthusiasm from the band's fans, though it wasn't exactly surprising.

After all, All Time Low recorded a song with Hoppus in the lead-up to their last album, Nothing Personal, and though the track didn't make the final cut, Hopp took it in stride, making a cameo in the band's video for the first single, "Weightless."

And days after Personal bowed at #4 on the Billboard albums chart, frontman Alex Gaskarth told MTV News that they definitely planned on re-teaming with Hoppus in the future, and promised that the song they had previously recorded would "definitely come out someday."

And it looks like Gaskarth is a man of his word. Because when they got together earlier this week, Hoppus and ATL weren't working on something for the follow-up to Nothing Personal. Instead, they were finishing up that mysterious track for inclusion on an equally mysterious project Hoppus is calling Trousdale Press. And that's straight from the man himself.

"We worked together on a song for their last record that they did not end up using. It's a great song, and has just been laying dormant for the past year," Hoppus told MTV News in an e-mail. "While Blink-182 has been on down time before the European tour and album recording, I've been in the studio with a bunch of friends working on a project called Trousdale Press. Alex and Jack came down yesterday and we finished up that track. It's a rocker."

Hoppus wouldn't reveal any other details about the song, or Trousdale Press (though he did mention the latter in a Tweet on Tuesday), but from the sound of things, the project is close to being finished.

"We're hoping to have the album tracking finished in the next two weeks," he wrote. "I'm sure there will be a full press thing that you'll be sent in the near future, but that's the basics of the thing."