Cobra Starship Recap MTV's Musical March Madness Tournament

Who will win the championship: My Chemical Romance or Coheed and Cambria?

You could call MTV's Musical March Madness many things (and, in light of Tokio Hotel's Final Four ousting, some of their fans already are), but "predictable" is not one of them.

This was, after all, a tournament determined entirely by your votes, which meant that, really, anything was possible — a fact we quickly realized when three of the four #1 seeds lost in the opening round (and the fourth lost in the second). It was a tournament defined by upsets and run by underdogs, be they the Hold Steady or Panic! at the Disco, Patrick Stump or Alice in Chains — or, most notably, Tokio and Coheed and Cambria, two bands who were basically tossed into the tournament at the last minute and made it to the Final Four. In Coheed's case, they made it all the way to the championship game, where they'll face off against My Chemical Romance — you know, a band that hasn't released a new album in almost four years and is currently without a drummer.

Basically, this whole thing made absolutely zero sense. Watching it unfold was a total blast, but attempting to recap the whole thing has seemed nearly impossible. That's why we turned to a pair of sportscasting legends who know a thing or two about pulling off the impossible — CSPN analysts Dick Bagwell and Vincent Twice — to do the recapping for us.

(And yes, we're aware they look very much like [artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist]'s Ryland Blackinton and Alex Suarez; we'll just chalk that up to a coincidence.)

With voting now under way in our championship matchup over on the Newsroom blog, we figured now would be a pretty good time to roll out Bagwell and Twice's tournament recap. Watch it while you vote. Perhaps it will help sway you one way or the other (that Dick is a persuasive guy — trust us).

We'll crown our Musical March Madness champion on Wednesday.

Who are you pulling for in the championship game: My Chemical Romance or Coheed and Cambria? Let us know in the comments below! And make your vote count by hitting the Newsroom blog.