Nicole Scherzinger Addresses 'Dancing With The Stars' Romance Rumors

'I don't even know where they get these stories sometimes,' she tells MTV News of reports linking her to partner Derek Hough.

Nicole Scherzinger and dance partner Derek Hough may have the kind of chemistry on the dance floor that gains them a large fanbase and high scores on "Dancing With the Stars," but the Pussycat Doll insisted it's strictly business.

When MTV News caught up with Scherzinger at rehearsals for the show, she cleared the air about the romance rumors. "I don't even know where they get these stories sometimes," she said, a sentiment similar to one she tweeted about — even alluding to her actual romance.

"Been reading the net & seeing the craziest stories ... Derek is like a little brother 2 me," she wrote. "Everyone knows how in luv & committed I am 2 [boyfriend, race car driver] Lewis [Hamilton]!"

In fact, in regards to their latest routine, she compared their chemistry to "two old jolly sailors chumming around." So do these "chums" get up to any shenanigans in their downtime? "We don't have too much downtime from rehearsals, to be honest with you," she said. "Right now, it's crunch time. It's kind of a stressful period."

With Hough out of the picture, is there anyone else on the show she has a crush on? "I have a softness in my heart for Buzz [Aldrin]. I kind of have a crush on him," she shared. "I haven't [told him], but I just show it to him when I hug. He's just the sweetest guy and his wife is the cutest thing ever, people. I don't know if people at home see it, but whenever Buzz is onstage or anywhere near her she's always so excited."

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