Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Bonded On 'The Runaways'

'We've become really good friends, obviously,' Fanning says about her frequent co-star.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner better watch out! Their co-star Kristen Stewart has perhaps found her greatest co-star of them all in the form of Dakota Fanning. Not only have they starred in two "Twilight Saga" flicks together, they also have their girl-power film "The Runaways" opening up on March 19. And with the possibility of them teaming up again for "Breaking Dawn," it seems like they've found a real friendship. So, it's a good thing they get along.

When it comes to Fanning and Stewart, there is no rivalry or catfighting. These two young women truly admire one another. "We've become really good friends, obviously," Fanning told MTV News at the junket for "The Runaways." "I think when you work so closely with someone, especially on this movie — this one was, like, every day, really intense and [we] kind of went through it together. It's good that we like each other."

Their onscreen friendship in "The Runaways," in which they play iconic girl rockers Joan Jett (Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Fanning), has obviously translated to real life. And Stewart admits that Fanning isn't your typical 16-year-old. "It would have been really awful had we not [gotten along]," she said. "It is really rare, I have to say. I've worked with so many young people. I've met so many young people, actors, and everyone's different. Everybody's doing things for different reasons. I strongly admire you, my friend. It's cool."

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