'Valentine's Day' Stars Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper Share V-Day Memories

Jessica Biel says she's doing 'last-minute crunch-time plan' this year.

Love was in the air on Monday night outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Or maybe it was just the intoxicating mix of smog and car exhaust on Hollywood Boulevard. Whatever the case, many of the stars of [movie id="430417"]"Valentine's Day"[/movie] who walked the red carpet at the film's premiere — from Julia Roberts to Jessica Alba to Taylor Lautner — had a lot to say on the topic of love's most prominent day on the calendar.

"My best Valentine's Day, I took my friend, both of us were single, and said, 'Screw it, we're going to go have a romantic weekend,' " Jennifer Garner told MTV News. "We went to the wine country, we stayed in romantic bed and breakfasts and we had wine tastings and great meals and massages. We were surrounded by couples in love and we did not care."

Bradley Cooper is dating Renée Zellweger, but he shared a Valentine's Day memory from his past. "I was away with a young lady and we came back and I had redone her garden in the back of her house," he said.

Jessica Biel, herself one half of a celebrity powerhouse couple (along with beau Justin Timberlake), confessed that she doesn't have any specific plans for February 14. "I have to get my act together," she said. "I'm doing a last-minute crunch-time plan."

While most stars were happy to disclose their fond memories of past V-Days, Topher Grace admitted he didn't have any to share. "I don't think I have one," he said. "I've been riddled with bad Valentines!"

He added hopefully, "But finally someone created a save. Say you're in your 20s, you've been dating for two weeks, one week. You don't know what to give. Do I give her a candle or a rose or a dozen roses? Go see a romantic comedy. I'm not going to say which one. Your choice."

Surely he and his castmates would be pleased if you chose "Valentine's Day," which opens on February 12. Garner, too, said the film would make an ideal activity for the big day.

"Girls should go together," she said. "If you don't have a boyfriend, just grab your girlfriends and go."

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