Bun B Gives The People What They Want With No Mixtape

'These songs weren't originally intended to be a mixtape,' UGK rapper tells Mixtape Daily.

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Essential Info: Freeze, somebody bring him back the title please. Usually in this section, we shout out a particular mixtape. But as the great Bun B will tell you himself, there's a mixtape worth of new material from the Underground King floating around the Net, and he hasn't stopped rapping long enough to collect them all and put them out as one compilation.

"That's a curious thing," Bun said via phone from Houston last week when asked whether he's putting out a street CD. "The album is coming soon in April, Trill OG. The mixtape is apparently coming now. These songs weren't originally intended to be a mixtape, as far as a CD or something like that. I was just really trying to get my juices going for the new year, working it out."

Since 2010 started, Bun has released a gaggle of freestyles, showing his relentlessness in the lab.

"On one of the songs, I was like, 'My album coming soon.' I'm actively promoting the Pimp C album as well as my album on these songs. People was like, 'You have a mixtape?' I was like, 'Nah.' So on a [freestyle], I was like, 'No mixtape coming soon.' My album's coming and Pimp's album is coming, but no mixtape coming soon. But people took it as No Mixtape was the name of the mixtape. So all over the blogs and over the industry, people are waiting for No Mixtape by Bun B. So now it's gonna have to be some kind of mixtape in some form or fashion."

Bun said he's been able to distribute so many rhymes in a short period of time by relying on a tireless work ethic and some of his homies around the Net.

"We were doing two-a-days. I wanted to say that this year, I would have 36 song titles, brand-new," the MC explained. "Whether they be full songs or freestyles or features, I wanted 36 song titles next to my name that are brand-new for 2010. We would do one then shoot it to somebody, then do one and shoot it to somebody else.

"Angela Yee and YN, I know they host on the morning show together sometime," he added. "I sent them two while I knew they was at the morning show so they can do whatever, respectively. Each song is coming to or from a different place even though sites have posted multiple songs. The first site was KeepItTrill.com, then YN [at RapRadar.com] , then Angela Yee with Team Yee. Miss Info [MissInfo.tv], Eskay [NahRight.com]. I think I sent something to Legend [at OnSmash.com]. Then Shake was like, 'Shoot something my way.' I shot something to Shake at 2DopeBoyz.com."

With Bun recording every day, he's been able to spit about all the current events as they break, from the Mark McGwire steroids scandal to the Haiti tragedy to the latest NFL playoff game.

"The song I did for 2 Dope Boyz, I sent to Shake, literally, right after the game," Bun recalled. "We were watching the New Orleans Saints and the Cardinals. It was like, 'Better Warn Kurt, I'm coming like D. Brees.' That's to let people know while you sitting somewhere f---ing off in the bar, we're grinding. We're gonna watch the game, but we're gonna watch the game in the studio, and we're gonna grind."

Bun's favorite freestyle is when he took over a track by newcomers Treal Lee and Prince Rick. " 'Mr. Hit Dat Lick' is my favorite," he said. "It's a different play off of the song 'Mr. Hit Dat H--,' which is a big record in Texas and in the South with the younger crowd. I guess it's a dance record. My version isn't a dance record. But the song has such a strong groove to it, the DJs asked for a clean version [of my rendition]. That one in particular is starting to play in the clubs in Houston. That one is kinda big."

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