Usher, Keri Hilson Heat Up Trey Songz's 'I Invented Sex' Remix

Remix doesn't appear on Songz's new Up Close and Ready EP.

Trey Songz is keeping his already stellar 2009 red-hot: The singer teamed up with Usher and Keri Hilson for the remix of his hit "I Invented Sex."

"Normally I play the nice guy," Usher sings over the same beat as the original. "Tonight I'mma show the other side."

You can guess where it goes from there. Ush has fun taking liberties with Trey's now famous call-out from the original. "Which two of y'all going home with Usher?" he sings.

And Hilson is no shy mouse when it comes to talking about how she drives guys crazy.

"I'm 'bout to reinvent sex," she proclaims. "Keri got 'em like, 'Who's next?'/ I'mma make it my duty to have you so woozy, you think I invented X...

"If you pull back them sheets/ If you climb on top of me," she adds. "Boy, what I think?"

"You gon' think I invented sex," Songz comes in.

Toward the end of his verse, Songz says he's ready to "go in" like a Lil Wayne and Drake song.

The remix isn't currently slated to appear anywhere officially. On Tuesday (December 8), Songz released Up Close and Ready, an EP of mostly live performances of his hits. It also features a brand-new in-studio record called "One Love."

"It's addictive, when you start to get that recognition and hear your records on the radio all the time," Trey told us recently of his banner 2009 campaign. "I'm already mentally where I want to be next. 'What am I gonna do to top this?' It's the perfect storm for me right now. I got 'I Invented Sex' out right now. 'Say Aah.' Before that 'LOL :),' 'I Need a Girl,' 'Successful.' It's all been going uphill in a gradual sense. I'm remaining humble because I worked so hard to get here. It's easy to remain humble when you realize this can be taken away at any moment. I'm ready to work for more. At this point I'm just scratching the surface of my potential."