Is Robert Pattinson Or Taylor Lautner More Like His 'New Moon' Role?

Taylor relates to Jacob's passion, while Rob thinks he's stubborn like Edward.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Onscreen, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are the two men competing for Bella's heart — a longing vampire and a lonely werewolf. In real life, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are the two men constantly surrounding Kristen Stewart, traveling around the world as they continue winning fans with the "Twilight Saga" movies.

Where does the fiction end and the reality begin? Recently, we took Stephenie Meyer's immortal words straight to the stars to ask: Is Rob or Taylor more like their character?

In the past, Stephenie has described Jacob as being cheery, passionate and adventurous but hot-headed. Which of those traits best describes Taylor?

"I'd say either passionate or adventurous," the 17-year-old actor said. "I think I'm pretty adventurous, and I'm definitely passionate about something that I love."

For proof, look no further than the 30 pounds of muscle Taylor packed on to keep his gig in "New Moon." Or the extreme martial arts he began competing in at a time when most kids are still watching "SpongeBob."

"I'm extremely passionate, and I put 110 percent into it," he said of his similarities to Jacob's dogged pursuit of Bella. "So those would probably be the two."

Meyer has described Edward Cullen as charming, polite, determined and very stubborn. So which of these qualities is also present in Rob?

"I guess I'm pretty stubborn, to a point," Pattinson admitted. Then, perhaps hoping another quality was something often attributed to the shy star, he asked: "What was the other one? Was that quiet?"

After a reminder, he selected an adjective quite close to Lautner's "passionate" comments. "Oh, yeah, I'm quite determined," he explained, but insisted that he was going to stop short of calling himself "charming," although the fans might disagree.

"I don't want to say the positive one," Rob laughed. "Because then it looks like I'm kissing my ass."

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