Ashlee Simpson-Wentz To Star In 'Chicago' On Broadway

'Being on Broadway is a childhood dream come true,' singer/actress says.

[artist id="1241636"]Ashlee Simpson-Wentz[/artist] is married to Chicago-area native Pete Wentz, and she starred in the London production of "Chicago" in 2006 as fame-hungry, husband-killer Roxie Hart. Now, Simpson-Wentz will reprise the role of Roxie, this time for the Broadway production of the show. The stint will be her Broadway debut.

"I'm honored to be reprising my role as Chicago's Roxie Hart, returning to the stage and joining this amazing cast," she said in a statement to MTV News. "Being on Broadway is a childhood dream come true."

According to several online reports, Simpson-Wentz will star in the show from November 30 through February 7; further details were not available at press time.

"My family, my mother especially, taught me to be a fighter, and that's the thing Roxie is: She always finds a way to pick herself up," Simpson said in 2006. "Roxie's a fun character to play. For me, it wasn't like I ever wanted to have my name in the papers. It was usually like, 'Oh, no!' But I know what the feeling is. And I know what the celebrity life is like, so I tried to bring a little comedy to that."

The singer/actress recently left the CW show "Melrose Place."

According to the network, Simpson-Wentz was only expected to be on the program for 12 episodes, but in numerous interviews the actress did not say that was the case.