David Banner To Give Away Death Of A Pop Star For Free

The MC speaks out against violence with 'Something's Wrong,' in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Some members of the hip-hop community have recently been vocal about their anti-violence stance in the wake of the murder of Derrion Albert. David Banner has been particularly active on the matter of youth violence and attempted to organize a rally in Chicago — which was ultimately postponed — for the video of the remix of his song "Something's Wrong."

Banner recently told us that the song wasn't dedicated specifically to Albert, but it was part of a new album he's working on with producer 9th Wonder.

"Me and 9th Wonder are really good friends, and we really got tired of people complaining about the fact that there's no good music. And we started making this album called Death of a Pop Star," Banner said.

The album, about the death of young people's music and how it has all been reduced to downloads, was made to prove to everybody that there is still good music being made. And it will cost you nothing.

"We're going to give the album away for free," Banner offered.

The Mississippi native also said that he and 9th would be setting up a Web site where you can send donations for the album. Half of the proceeds from those donations will go to a yet-to-be-named nonprofit organization. Banner emphasized the fact that "Something's Wrong" is about a much broader problem than Chicago's recent tragedy.

"What I want people to know is that if you listen to the first version of the song, I wasn't just talking about Chicago — I was talking about things that were happening in America, period."

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