Fabolous And Ryan Leslie Talk About Their Supergroup With Ne-Yo

Plus: Play N Skillz are hunting for new talent for their G4 Muzik label, in Mixtape Daily.

Behind The Beats: Play N Skillz

Do we really have to run down Play N Skillz' history for you again? We put you up on those fellas awhile back when we hit Dallas. The two-time Grammy winners aren't just doing music (Bun B, Nipsey Hussle, Ray J and a few others who'll you'll hear about soon are on their plate), they are making business moves.

"We wanna formally announce our new deal with the big brother Steve Rifkind and Gaby Acevedo," Play said. "Play N Skillz G4 Muzik, just did a nice situation over there with SRC/Universal."

"Play N Skillz have been trendsetters for a long time," SRC founder and chariman Steve Rifkind SRC in a statement. "The music that they make is incredible, and their innate knack for finding great talent is very impressive."

The guys are definitely looking for local talent in their hometown of Dallas but are open to signing groups from all over. "Were trying to take it more of a mainstream situation than concentrate on a regional situation," Play explained.

His brother Skillz added: "We're just going to do it so big. The first act is Dallas: His name is Inertia."

Next Wave of Flav

On Inertia: "The Dallas music has exploded in the last couple of months. It got crazier with Duro and everybody. With him, it's a little different. It's not dance; it's not 'D-Town Boogie.' It's more Flo Rida meets Ludacris meets Twista. We're trying to go that direction with Inertia and our new situation. His show, the homie is dead-on energy. I'm talking about Busta Rhymes energy. That's lacking today. That's one of the things that drew us to him." - Play

"Inertia is just a phenomenal artist to lead off with." - Skillz.

On Nelly: "We been in with Nelly the last couple of months. We been working with the big bro very tough, and his new album is out the box. He has a record with Akon called 'Angel Eyes.' He just killed it." - Play

On T-Pain: "His new album is crazy. I thought Play was crazy. The whole studio was jumping off." - Skillz.

"T-Pain is something different. We went in the studio, he had spotlights in there, porn everywhere, and all his cars parked outside: a Phantom, Ferrari and a hearse with a coffin that came out with speakers." - Play

Five-Star Stellar Hits

» Chamillionaire - "Ridin' "

» Lil Wayne (featuring T-Pain) - "Got Money"
» Lil' Flip - "Sunshine" and "Game Over"

Hottest Streak Thus Far

From 2007 to now, they've won two Grammy Awards.

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Remember way back when we told you about a potential super duo made up of Fabolous and Ne-Yo? Well, it looks like the two have still been talking about making that project happen and bringing in a third member: Ryan Leslie.

"We're talking about a triple-team collaboration that's really gonna hurt the game," Leslie told us recently in New York. "Your boy Fab, the boy Ne-Yo and yours truly on the board. It's really gonna put a hurting on everybody."

"This guy is a creative genius," Fab said of Leslie. "I told y'all we was working."

Loso and Leslie said the trio are open to collaborating with others on the project. "The table is open," Leslie said. "If you're bringing something to the table, you can break bread."

"You just gotta bring some good food to the table," Fab co-signed.

"It's about conceptualizing," Ryan added about how the LP will shape up. "It's not gonna be a project that's thrown together. It's gonna be a real roundtable, and we're gonna talk about really putting something in the atmosphere that contributes something that's never been done before."

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