Colbie Caillat Used Other People's Breakups For Breakthrough

For her chart-topping sophomore album, the singer/songwriter tried to write from different perspectives.

Anyone even slightly familiar with [artist id="2575099"]Colbie Caillat[/artist]'s music knows that the girl loves herself a good love song. And her sophomore album, Breakthrough, which debuts at #1 on next week's Billboard albums chart, isn't shying away from the topic that made her a favorite with the easy, breezy adult-contemporary set.

New songs like her single, "Fallin' for You," are sure to resonate with fans of earlier hits "Bubbly" and "Realize," from her first album, Coco. Caillat explained that her confessional style of writing about the guys in her life is evident on "Fallin'."

"I wrote about me falling for this guy who I went out on a date with, and it was just so unexpected that I was going to fall for him, like all these little things about him that I ended up adoring and falling for," she said. "The instruments — I added, like, the violin and cello, but it's not overpowering, it's just tucked back in the mix. [It's] more grown up."

But Caillat told MTV News that while fans can expect a lot of the same ideas on Breakthrough as on her first release, she wasn't scared to try some new stuff.

"I just opened my mind to different techniques of writing," she said. "Like, I would write from someone else's perspective on a song.

"I wrote 'Fearless,' well it's actually from the guy's perspective whose heart I broke and him telling me this breakup is not going to bury him, it's just one little chapter in his life, and that he is going to be fearless in future relationships," she added. "It's an emotional ballad."