Fefe Dobson Premieres Four New Videos Simultaneously

Canadian songstress worked with Nelly Furtado collaborator Aaron A on the quartet of clips.

Why make one video when you can make four? [artist id="1239307"]Fefe Dobson[/artist] premiered a quartet of clips simultaneously on Wednesday (August 5) for "I Want You," "I Want You" remix, "I Want You 2 Watch Me Move" and "Watch Me Move."

In the "I Want You" video, Dobson insists that she'll make a boy hers as she follows him around school, but he's busy proclaiming his love for his cheerleader girlfriend. Meanwhile, for the "I Want You 2 Watch Me Move" video, Dobson puts on a concert for her peers and, in the process, impresses the guy of her high school dreams.

Fefe shot the clips in Toronto with director Aaron A, who worked with fellow Canadian songstress Nelly Furtado for her "Do It" video. Dobson first burst on the scene in 2003 when she released her self-titled debut album and the single "Take Me Away."

Recently, Jordin Sparks covered Dobson's song "Don't Let It Go to Your Head" on her latest album, Battlefield. Fefe's racy song has Sparks cooing lyrics like "So what if I want to kiss/ From your toes up to your lips/ It don't mean that you've had me yet/ You're gonna be good, I bet."

But Jordin assured her fans that the song isn't as risqué as it seems. "There are some things that could be taken the wrong way," Sparks told MTV News, "but the way I sing them, it doesn't mean that!"