Method Man And Redman To Eminem: 'We're On Your Tour!'

'Even if he don't put us on, we're coming in through the back door, jumping onstage,' Redman said of Detroit MC's tour.

LOS ANGELES — The good news for [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] is that [artist id="933"]Method Man[/artist] and [artist id="1125"]Redman[/artist] are coming on tour with him. The bad news? He doesn't know it yet.

"Hey, Eminem," Method Man barked into our mic recently, giving a heads-up to Sunday's MTV Movie Awards main act. "F--- that. Yo, Paul! We're on the tour, man!"

"Paul!" Redman chimed in, also addressing Em's manager, Paul Rosenberg, directly. "Hey, Paul, we're on the tour, baby!"

"You know my number," Redman said to Rosenberg. "Yo, Eminem. Yo, Paul — we on the tour, man."

"Even if he don't put us on, we're coming in through the back door, jumping onstage," he added.

Although the duo may not be fans of "Twilight," there are two things they love: Eminem and being on the road.

"We're gonna jump on Em's tour — we're putting it out there," Method Man revealed. "We do tour a lot. I'd say altogether 10, 11 months a year."

"Honestly, I'm gonna tell you exactly what that is — that's how we get our bread now," Red said. "That's how MCs make their money. Those royalty checks come like babies — every nine months.

"Plus, we enjoy doing shows," he added. "Anybody who's come to a Method Man and Redman show knows that we give 110 percent every time we're out there."

"Plus, our movie 'How High' branched us out to a different audience," Method Man agreed. "When we go around the world, the majority of our fans are a different descent than us — which is cool. I love it. That just shows we're more outgoing with our music."

And while Eminem seems to constantly be on the verge of wanting to retire, Method and Red say that they'll never get tired of touring.

"We're gonna be doing shows at 50, 55," Redman grinned.

"Redman wants to go to Vegas!" Method laughed, making reference to last year's "Soul Men," a comedy about two middle-aged musicians deciding to head back out on the road.

"I'm gonna be like Sam Jackson," Red grinned. "And he's gonna be like Bernie Mac!"

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