Miley Cyrus Says Future Of 'Hannah Montana' Is 'Not Really Up To Me'

'Everyone kind of puts it on my shoulders, but at the end ... it's up to Disney,' she says.

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With "Hannah Montana: The Movie" hitting theaters Friday, many fans are wondering if the show will continue beyond its current third season. Star [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist] has mixed feelings, wanting to stick with "Hannah" and also hoping to move on to new, edgier projects.

"I would love for Hannah Montana to keep [going and] hopefully do another season," she told MTV News. "But it's not really up to me. Everyone kind of puts it on my shoulders, but at the end ... it's up to Disney and what they want to do with the show."

Until she knows her fate as the blond-wigged pop star, Cyrus does know that this summer she'll be gearing up to start work on, "The Last Song." "I'm doing a movie this summer with Nicholas Sparks," she said of the film, adding, "It's more of an edgy role."

Although Cyrus does feel the urge to grow up on the big screen, she doesn't want to let her work get so far removed from who she is in real life that she loses her faith. "I want to play edgy roles, but I think that my faith is obviously very important to me, so there's a way of doing that," she said. "Then also being the person that you want to be and not letting your roles take over your life, and I don't want to do anything wrong with my roles, because it's a job."

Cyrus hopes that as she grows as a person and a performer, she can follow in the path of another former Disney actress: Jodie Foster. "She's actually one of the nicest people, so if I was gonna go after anyone, it might be Jodie Foster," she said. "She's so nice, and me and her talk a lot, and she's almost like a mentor to me, so that would be someone that I would look up to."

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