Nicolas Cage Knows He 'Doesn't Have All The Answers'

'I'm someone who has an open mind,' actor says of the supernatural subject matter dealt with in his new movie, 'Knowing.'

[movieperson id="9067"]Nicolas Cage's[/movieperson] new film, [movie id="375786"]"Knowing,"[/movie] delves into the world of the supernatural. In the film, Cage plays a teacher who finds a time capsule that predicts future events. It all leads Cage's character to believe that, somehow, his family has a hand in the upcoming events and — to Cage — this doesn't seem like a completely unrealistic idea.

"I'm someone who has an open mind, being that I don't have all the answers," the actor said. "It would be ignorant and somewhat arrogant of me to say these things don't exist, 'cause I can't really know."

We decided to do a little investigating to see which oft-disputed historical events Cage thinks really happened. "Oh, you're really going to do this," he said, after being asked about the authenticity of the moon landing. "Let's say [if] it was fake I wouldn't want anybody to know it."

What about the JFK assassination? "I wouldn't know where to begin," he responded. And bigfoot? The actor says its existence is "possible."

Cage also thinks that it's possible for people to have feelings about events that are about to transpire, and he thinks we all — in some capacity — have a way to tap into those feelings.

"I think if anyone said that they haven't had that spooky feeling that something was going to happen, they would be understandably trying to play it close to the vest. ... We have déjà vu, and you can explain it with science or something else."

He added, "I feel that the human brain is a profound mystery, and there is truth when they say we only use so much of the brain. ... There's so much other capacity there and it's possible that there are people who can access these profound abilities."

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