Christina Milian Wants Wonder Woman Role In 'Justice League' Flick — But She'll Have To Fight For It

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Teresa Palmer in running to play Amazonian princess; Common, Adam Brody also up for superhero parts.

Christina Milian wants to be Wonder Woman — but for now, she'll settle on giving Superman his props.

As director George Miller continues to test out young stars for the parts of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman in the movie adaptation of the "Justice League of America" comics, the singer/actress urges him to look beyond her ethnicity and consider her for the part of the Amazonian princess. "That would be awesome," Milian said. "I think confidence and strength lie in your mind, and I would love to exude that strength."

Jessica Biel was reportedly in talks for the super role, but the deal never happened.

Milian has some strong competition for the part. She's up against Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Teresa Palmer, who, along with Common, Adam Brody, Joseph Cross, D.J. Cotrona, Michael Angarano, Max Thieriot and the cast of "Friday Night Lights," are also on Miller's roll call, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (Check out our writers' casting ideas for "JLA" here and here in the MTV Movies Blog.) Milian isn't daunted, however, because she feels like the comic books are closer to her heart.

"I used to want to work in comics," Milian revealed. "I wanted to be an illustrator. I wanted to write books, and mostly, I wanted to write 'Justice League.' I still have the comic books I collected from that."

Her love for superheroes is what led her to go for a part on "Smallville," airing October 25. In the episode "Action," Milian plays an actress filming on the troubled set of "Warrior Angel," a movie based on a comic book in the Smallville-verse. Her part is an in-joke for comics fans, because her character's presence is a continuity error ("People get very upset because she wasn't in the comic at that point in time") and because the movie she's filming has lots of parallels to Superman's story.

"It's kinda funny," Milian said. "My character, Rachel Davenport, is almost in the Lois Lane/ Lana Lang position. She's the one figuring everything out, and it's ironic for Clark to be watching everything going on."

Very meta — but does Rachel get to the point where she figures out Clark Kent is Superman? "She has no idea," Milian said, "but she keeps getting saved by him, and she's really into him. She's used to being in control, to guys throwing themselves at her, and he's the one guy who's not. Plus, every girl wants a hero!"

Rachel may not get her man, but she does get to be part of his history. (SPOILER ALERT!) When she thanks him for saving her life, she offers a gift in exchange. "I didn't know until he opened the box that I was actually giving him his cape!" Milian said. "It's supposed to be a prop from the 'Warrior Angel' movie, but you know he's going to use it."

Milian, however, only came away with bruises from doing her own stunt work (including a car crash). She hopes her "Smallville" appearance will bring her to Miller's attention, but she wouldn't say whether she's had an audition of her own. "No comment!" she laughed. If Wonder Woman doesn't work out this time, though, "I'll do Catwoman any day."

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