Yung Joc And T-Pain Involved In London Club Brawl -- But Joc Still Has Bling Intact

Rappers fought with unidentified man in club while celebrating Joc's birthday Thursday.

His name is Yung Joc, he has the most talked-about piece of jewelry in rap, and no, he has not been robbed of it.

Joc phoned in to the MTV offices on Wednesday (September 26) to talk exclusively about a big rumor going on in hip-hop. The word on the Net and radio is that he got ganked for his eye-catching Hustlenomics "H" pendant and giant rope chain during a recent brawl in a London club after he and T-Pain fought off some rowdy fans.

"The craziest part of about this is I've never seen so much hype about a piece of jewelry except when [NBA star] Kobe [Bryant] bought that ring for his wife [after he admitted to cheating on her]," Joc said, laughing off the rumors.

The Atlanta native said he and Pain did indeed have to defend themselves in London — they were in town to perform at the MOBO Awards — but they came out unharmed and with all their belongings intact. The commotion happened shortly after midnight, when Joc was bringing in his birthday at U.K. club Crystal Club on Thursday.

"When you walk in the building with that sh-- on, with [a chain] that big, you know mutha----as gonna be like, 'Whoa,' " Joc said Wednesday evening. "When you walk out without it on and it was a crazy fight, it looks like you lost your chain."

Joc said he saw a major problem about to occur (can't you imagine him saying to himself, "It's going dowwwn"?) in the club and he simply took his chain off and handed it to his manager Rico Brooks, who kept it secure in a carrying case.

"It was my birthday, so we was poppin' bottles," he continued. "We was bottle-poppin' major. Pain was talking to this chick and this big football-player-looking dude came up. He was big as hell. ... The dude grabbed her arm and she was like, 'I'm not leaving,' and [moves] away from the dude. ... The next thing you know, the dude started talking sh-- to Pain. The dude poured his wine out and ... I looked back at my security [guard], gave him my chain. He put it in my case and handed it to Rico. The dude hit T-Pain's partner in the head with a glass in his hand."

Joc says the unknown assailant then fled the club but didn't make it too far before one of T-Pain's managers caught up to him and floored him with a few punches.

"So my security came out there and [caught up with] the guy," Joc told. "I jumped in and start tappin' on his head. By the time I got out the club, Pain's security was already [involved]. It was crazy. Ne-Yo was outside the club getting ready to come in, and once he saw the commotion, he [left]."

Joc returned to the States a few days ago, jewels in tow, and partied all weekend. On Tuesday, he was in the ATL with the "H" around his neck, showing support to fellow Block Entertainment artist Gorilla Zoe, who released his debut, Welcome to the Zoo, on Tuesday. Zoe is a co-star and performer in Joc's new video "Bottle Poppin'."

"The video is done," explained Joc, who is about to get ready to do a college-tour run, just in time for homecoming season. Hopefully his now-famous bling will still be intact.