'American Idol' Roundtable Redo: Doolittle-Loving Vets Make New Picks

Now that Melinda got the boot, former 'Idol' contestants put their money on Jordin.

When MTV News assembled a few former "American Idol" contestants in our newsroom on May 10 and asked who was going to win this season, the vote was almost unanimous: Melinda Doolittle!

Well, three songs later, the humble singer from Nashville is gone (see "Melinda Doolittle Yanked From 'American Idol' Finale"), leaving a beatboxing Blake Lewis and the proudly 17-year-old Jordin Sparks to vie for the "Idol" crown (see "Does Winning 'American Idol' Matter?").

We decided to check back with our former Idols to see how they could have been so terribly wrong (see " 'American Idol' Roundtable: Vets Pick Winners, Talk Season Six").

(Relive the roundtable in these videos.)

"As I recall, I was the only one out of the four who picked Jordin," said Kevin Covais, the finalist from season five affectionately known as "Chicken Little." "So I was correct. So I think that now that it's down to a guy and a girl, Jordin — who is loved by families nationwide — is going to take it."

Season two's Josh Strickland agrees: "I think, ultimately, Jordin will win. Both Jordin and Blake are extremely talented, but there is just something about the way that Jordin has grown throughout the competition that I think America has fallen in love with. Blake's performance, while great, has basically remained the same."

Picking Jordin appears to be a trend. Anthony Fedorov, the Ukrainian-born blond from season four who's currently starring off-Broadway in "The Fantasticks," thinks it's all about Jordin now. "I think the combination of her age and potential talent could make for a long-lasting career."

That leaves only one dissenter. When reached in the beauty salon, season one's fourth-place finisher, Tamyra Gray, had this to say: "I thought Melinda was a shoo-in, but you never know with that show." And now? "I'm actually rooting for Blake."

"Idol" has yet to have a male pop/rock winner, said Gray, and she thinks the Washington native could fill that slot. "When you compare the two from a business perspective, Blake would probably be the more commercial."

For those of you keeping track, that's three for Jordin and one for Blake. We'll see if they fare any better this time.

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