Mobb Deep's In-Flight Scare: Plane Engine Goes Up In Smoke

Rap duo's plane to Chile forced to make emergency landing in Florida.

NEW YORK — Joining forces with 50 Cent and G-Unit has definitely brought a lot of opportunities to Mobb Deep — and a lot of crazy experiences too.

Despite the underwhelming sales of their G-Unit Records debut, Blood Money, Havoc and Prodigy say they have been performing shows in places across the globe they'd never even thought about going to. Over the weekend, they were headed to Chile and were stopped twice — first by Mother Nature and then by a freak accident.

On Friday they were trying to go to Chile from Atlanta, but due to inclement weather, their flight was canceled. The next day they caught a flight out and found themselves in some drama. One of the plane's engines suffered what a Delta Airlines spokesperson describes as a flameout. That's when the engine stops working and is unable to be started due to mechanical problems. The Delta spokesperson denies the engine caught on fire.

"We get in the air, [and within] like an hour and change, we started losing altitude," Havoc said Tuesday. "To make a long story short, the engine blew out. It was crazy smoke. We had to make an emergency landing."

Artist 40 Glock, who was traveling with Mobb Deep, told a more perilous tale.

"The plane dropped, then picked back up, then dropped again," he said. "We seen the engine catch fire and shoot out flames and then smoke. ... All the lights inside the plane were flickering, then like five minutes later, our pilot came on and said we are going to attempt to make an emergency landing. We made a hard landing diving down onto the airstrip."

The plane was diverted to the nearest airport in Tampa, Florida. Prodigy said he wasn't worried about crashing — he was more concerned about his cash. "I was more pissed off than anything, 'cause there was a lot of money waiting for us in Chile," he said. But then he had a change of heart. "I was like, 'F the money. Get me on the ground.' "

The Mobb weren't in any rush to jump on another international flight. They headed back to New York; the two Chile shows will be rescheduled. On Halloween, the duo head out to India for another concert.

"We basically all over the place," Prodigy smiled. "Since we got down with the G-Unit, that's one thing that got bigger for us, is our performances are everywhere. 50 and Eminem opened up markets that were not open before for rap. It's really crazy right now, the places we're doing shows. That's another excellent thing about G-Unit: all these outlets you get."

Mobb's 10-plus-year history before G-Unit is documented on their greatest-hits DVD, "Life of the Infamous: The Best of Mobb Deep." The DVD and an LP by the same name both drop on Halloween. "It's mostly the singles but a lot of our favorite album cuts too," Prodigy said.

Mobb might have one of the deepest catalogs out of any rap groups, but the Queens MCs agree on their favorite all-time cut. " 'Shook Ones [Part II].' I would have to go with 'Shook Ones' for sure," Hav said.

" 'Shook Ones' is definitely the first one that popped in my mind," Prodigy agreed. "That got us our worldwide recognition."

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