Dashboard, Plus-44 Help Bring Bamboozle Fest To West Coast

'We're going to do things Hollywood-style,' organizer says of two-day festival, which started in New Jersey.

When organizers of the Bamboozle Festival decided it was time to expand their enterprise, there was only one logical place to go — and only one logical name for their newest project.

"We're heading to California, and we're putting on a show we're calling the Bamboozle Left, because, obviously, it's on the Left Coast. And because we left New Jersey," laughed John D'Esposito, CEO of Mac Cruise Entertainment, which staged the first two Bamboozles. "And because we're moving to California, we're going to do things Hollywood-style. We're doing it big time."

And he's not kidding: The inaugural Bamboozle Left — to be held October 14-15 on the campus of Cal Poly in Pomona — will feature 45 bands, including Dashboard Confessional, Plus-44, Jack's Mannequin, Brand New, Thrice and 30 Seconds to Mars. A ticket presale starts Tuesday, with a single-day ticket costing $33 ($60 for a two-day pass).

It's a lineup that rivals May's Bamboozle East, which featured Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and the All-American Rejects (see "Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack Good To Go For Bamboozle '06"). And D'Esposito said that, much like the other Bamboozle — which featured a surprise set by Method Man (see "Look Out, Emo Kids: Method Man To Bring The Ruckus To Bamboozle '06") — the Left Coast version will also pack a few surprises.

"There will be special guests, though I can't say who. But keep in mind that it's going to be Hollywood-themed," he laughed. "Our goal with both Bamboozles is to provide fans with a big, diverse lineup. We're not afraid to have artists like Method Man appear. We're not afraid to take some risks."

But what does the West Coast expansion mean for fans of the original Bamboozle? Well, nothing, really. D'Esposito said plans are still running full speed ahead for a third edition of the fest, to be held once again at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. And he's not stopping there, either.

"We're thinking that we should try to expand even further. There's talk of having a Bamboozle Island somewhere next year," D'Esposito laughed. "And we're planning a hard-rock sister festival to Bamboozle for later this year. We're not going to try and limit ourselves."