Jessica Alba, Green Day, Ciara Weigh In On 'Idol' Finale

Alba plans family finale party; Billie Joe has a new idea for contest.

Anyone who watches "American Idol" knows the show has a long list of celebrity fans.

Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg, Rebecca Romijn, Rachel Bilson and Tori Spelling are among the famous faces caught by cameras at recent tapings. Even more, though, watch the show like the rest of us on their living room couches with the TiVo remote on near-constant pause to allow for maximum commentary.

Well, we couldn't score an invite to any of those viewing sessions, but we did track down a few celebs who were willing to share their pick for who's going to win this thing. And it appears there's no clear front-runner.

 Jessica Alba

"Katharine is gorgeous and has a great range. She looks like an 'American Idol.' My parents like Taylor. There's a lot of popular musicians or singers that couldn't do a quarter of what those singers do on 'American Idol.' ... I'll make dinner and have my parents and some friends over and we'll watch the show. If my family had a favorite 'American Idol,' Katharine definitely is the most appropriate. I think she can sell records and she has a beautiful voice, beautiful range, and she's a beautiful girl."

 Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy bassist)

"I did watch it in the past, but now I pretty much just watch 'American Inventor.' I watched the guy with the shaved head [Chris Daughtry] get kicked off, and I was like, 'Well, now the guy who looks like George Clooney is probably going to be the guy who wins.' Everyone tells me that he's the top runner, which just boggles my mind."

 Green Day

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong: "I don't know, but I had an idea. I think how America votes on 'American Idol,' the next presidential election they should vote in the same way and have a massive TV show that's once a week that keeps you updated. ... The new way of voting. Screw singers. Let's go for the politicians this time."

Drummer Tre Cool: "That's a good idea, Billie. And for 50 cents a pop, all those calls could pay for all the campaigning."

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 Tommy Mottola
"It's hard to predict. I think Taylor has this amazing vibe. He's like the ultimate entertainer. He's like a modern-day Huey Lewis and Michael McDonald, and he's got all of that wrapped up in one. Great, great singer, but really a great performer and a great entertainer. And I think Katharine, she has that magical gleam in her eye. She's got an incredible voice and she's got a presence that comes across like 'I could captivate the whole world.' So I think she has huge potential. I think both of them are really big potential stars."

 Papa Roach

Singer Jacoby Shaddix: "Honestly, I like Taylor, the guy with the gray hair. I think he's badass. Is that his name? I think he's tight."

Drummer Dave Buckner: "He sang really good. I saw his audition."

 Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup singer)

"I actually called it from the beginning. I don't want to jinx her, so I won't say her name, but I think I know who's going to win. I picked her really, really early on. I think they've given her a hard time every once in awhile, but I think she's a star."

 Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill")

"I'm in love with McPhee. I think she's great. She's wonderful! Every time she's performed, she's knocked me off my feet."

 Dr. Luke (producer, Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone")
"I like the underdog in Taylor, but there's a lot of like, 'Yeah, wooh.' Not a lot of range. [Katharine's] more of a singer. I feel like I could do more with her than with him, but that's purely selfish reasons."

 Mitch Allan (producer, Bo Bice's "Real World"; former SR-71 singer)

"Taylor's got soul. The guy can sing. I'd work with him in a heartbeat."

 Beverly Mitchell ("7th Heaven")

"I've always been a Katharine McPhee fan. I think she's an amazing performer. She's got a great recording voice, and I think that on those aspects she's a little bit better than Taylor. I like Taylor. He's an amazing performer. I could see Taylor having his own long-lasting show in Vegas. You just want to see him. He's great to hear, but you really just want to see him because he brings such charisma to that stage."

 Chris Styles (producer, 50 Cent's "Disco Inferno")

"I'm going with Taylor. Yo, I liked his energy from the first time I saw him. He looked like an underdog. No one even thought he'd go this far."

 Andrew McMahon (Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate singer)
"Well, all of us in Jack's Mannequin were rooting for Elliott because he is a good friend of our bass player, Dr. J. That being said, I'm pretty sure we've got the McPheever."

 Ryan Miller (Guster singer)

"Even though Taylor had me, the McPheever's gonna take it, because in the end, America knows he's just a wedding singer. And she's purty."

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