Jack White's New Coca-Cola TV Advertisement Is Red, White And Weird

Long-rumored commercial premieres in Australia, shows up on YouTube.

Jack White may currently front two bands, have a supermodel wife and a baby on the way, but that doesn't mean he hasn't found time to add another hat to his stringy haired dome: soft-drink pitchman.

Late Monday, the long-rumored collaboration between White and Coca-Cola finally reached these shores (or was posted on YouTube, at least). It's a bizarre minute-long commercial featuring a mod-ish girl in a red wig, a guy in a tracksuit with an impressive afro, a precocious tyke, a homeless guy and a bird-feeding senior citizen, perambulating to the strains of a sing-songy, '60s-inflected White-penned song that insists, "Love is the truth/ It's the right thing to do."

On Tuesday (April 18), a spokesperson for Coca-Cola confirmed that the commercial is authentic and that it does, in fact, feature a song White wrote exclusively for the company, though he would not elaborate on just how the partnership came to be.

"We've worked with him over the last few months," Coke spokesperson Andras Kallos told MTV News. "I can't speak about the collaboration, but I can tell you that the commercial made its worldwide debut earlier this month on Australian TV during the [MTV Australia Video Music Awards]."

Kallos said he has no idea if the commercial will air in the U.S., or if it will only make the rounds in international markets.

If it doesn't appear here in the States, it'd be a bummer, because, man, is this thing strange. Filmed in a herky-jerky stop-motion style (vaguely similar to the White Stripes' "The Hardest Button to Button" video), the commercial opens with a red-headed girl swigging a Coke in her house. As she steps outside, she hands the bottle to the massively afro-ed man, who then leaps into the air and grabs a can of Coke to give to the tyke, who is standing in a park. The kid — decked out in overalls and rocking a "gee whiz" look on his face — then passes what appears to be an apple to a homeless man, who is so inspired by the random act of kindness that he hands his umbrella to an elderly woman sitting on a bench. The spot ends with a blue bird landing on the shoulder of the redhead.

The whole thing plays over White's song, a nice little loud/soft, characteristically White Stripes tune (but with horns added during the chorus). The love-obsessed lyrics include White yelping, "Love is as good as it gets/ And you'll get more if you give it/ It's the right thing to do, and you know it/ It's inside of you, so just show it" and "In the arms of a mother and father/ In the eyes of a son and a daughter/ It's everywhere, you just have to care."

At press time, calls to White's spokesperson for comment about the commercial had not been returned.