Bow Wow Kicks It Into Overdrive With 'Fast And Furious,' Scream IV Encores

Rapper/actor/businessman also lays down remix with Mike Jones, plans Wanted re-release.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Bow Wow has always lived life in the fast lane, but lately the pint-sized media mogul has been translating his need for speed onto the big screen.

The 18-year-old rapper/actor/businessman is busy filming The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the third installment in the popular racing-flick franchise.

With Paul Walker out, someone new will be behind the wheel: Lucas Black ("Jarhead," "Friday Night Lights"). He plays Shaun Boswell, a young outsider who, after being sent to Tokyo to live with his military father, is lured into the heart-pumping action of Japanese drift racing.

Bow Wow plays Twinkie, who shows Shaun the ins and outs of the Tokyo scene.

"Twinkie is kind of a hustler," Bow Wow said at the Xbox 360 launch earlier this month. "I'm the one who actually introduces Shaun [to racing], and it's my job to get him around Japan and get him accustomed to what we do over here."

Production for "Tokyo Drift" began in October in Los Angeles, with Asian-American filmmaker Justin Lin ("Better Luck Tomorrow") behind the lens. Bow says the third film is taking the high-action series to a new adrenaline level.

"This movie is real fresh and different from any other 'Fast and the Furious' that's been released so far," he said. "This is #3, so we gonna make sure it's real hot."

Filming should continue through the end of the year, he said, and the flick's slated to hit theaters by next summer.

While acting may be keeping Bow Wow's days full for right now, don't believe for a minute that music is taking a back seat.

Along with Mike Jones, the rapper just laid down a remix of "Fresh Azimiz," the third single off his latest LP, Wanted — which is being re-released as Wanted: Reloaded, an "ultimate collector's edition" CD/DVD, December 13. He's also heading back on the road with his boys Omarion and Marques Houston for an encore leg of the Scream IV tour (see "Bow Wow, Omarion Roll Out Scream IV Summer Dates") called We Ain't Done Yet. The trek, kicking off December 22 in Chicago, will also feature newcomer Chris Brown (see "Chris Brown Explains The Finer Points Of Hollering 'Yo!' ") and Bow Wow's main squeeze, Ciara (see "Got Questions About Bow Wow and Ciara? Watch Their Video").

Despite all that, the young tycoon says he isn't planning to slow down in 2006.

"I'm just rockin' and rollin' right now," Bow Wow said. "Everyone considers me being so hot right now ... so I'm just trying to keep things moving."