Royal Trux

I was in Europe when the Sex Pistols were big, so I got a little taste.

ROYAL TRUX Hi. This is Jennifer from Royal Trux. Our new album is called Sweet 16, available in stores upon request. Steal it if you can.

Moderator What made you guys sign a deal with Virgin a few years ago?


MoTe What bands do you like?

ROYAL TRUX Lots of bands -- Bad Brains, Holy Modal Rounders and Blue Oyster Cult.

Moderator What was the first album that you ever bought?

ROYAL TRUX The first album was Lovin' Spoonful's Greatest Hits. My mom bought it for me by accident.

MoTe Do you own any Partridge Family or Brady Bunch albums?

ROYAL TRUX No, but our assistant is related to Sherwood Schwartz.

Moderator Did you ever regret not being part of that disco age and going straight for the rock?

ROYAL TRUX No regrets, Mod.

MoTe Are you gonna' tour Australia?

ROYAL TRUX No, we're an American band. We're not going anywhere but here.

Moderator Do you ever want to win a Grammy or MTV award?

ROYAL TRUX Grammy or MTV award? No. The desire creates obstacles.

MoTe What were your influences?

ROYAL TRUX A lot of things: Black Flag, Television, New York Dolls, Thelonius Monk.... Shit, I don't know!

Moderator Are you ever sad that you weren't old enough for the beginning of the punk scene when it first blew up in NYC?

ROYAL TRUX I was in Europe when the Sex Pistols were big, so I got a little taste.

MoTe How old are you guys anyway?

ROYAL TRUX Jennifer, 28.

Moderator I love that Jennifer does the CK ads. That's really random.

ROYAL TRUX They sought me out!

Moderator Do they pay well? Do you feel weird seeing yourself next to Kate Moss in those ads?

ROYAL TRUX They pay well, and no, it doesn't feel weird.

Bobby Virgin's cool 'n' all, but . . . Do either of you ever feel nostalgia for Ye Ole Drag City daze?

ROYAL TRUX No, not really.

Moderator Do you wish that you were promoted better?

ROYAL TRUX Yes, we do.

Sutpen Is Virgin gonna' keep you on despite poor sales?

ROYAL TRUX Yeah. We signed a 3 record deal, so they have to pay us, or do the next record. It's up to them.

Bobby Did you ever get to meet Arty Pile, Senior?

ROYAL TRUX No, but we're going to the banquet if Skynard gets into the Hall of Fame.

Moderator Who would you most like to see go to the Hall of Fame?

ROYAL TRUX The Rascals. It's a crime they are not in there. Write your local representative.

Sutpen Are you guys really completely clean now?

ROYAL TRUX Sutpen, we are clean. Yup. Jennifer's had a few bumps in the road, if you know what I mean.

Bobby Neil, what's the perfect amount of fame (give an example)?

ROYAL TRUX Neil says Lou Reed. Jennifer says Paul Schrader.

Moderator Are you guys Xenophobic?

ROYAL TRUX No way. We're just the opposite, if there is such a thing.

Bobby Xenophiliacs.

ROYAL TRUX Bobby, that was the word I was thinking of! Adios, all. Thanks.