Queens Of The Stone Age Enlist Army Of Skeletons For 'Witch'

Middle Ages-themed video directed by 'wizardbrain' Liam Lynch.

The Queens of the Stone Age are getting medieval in their new video.

In the clip for "Burn the Witch," the band dons wizard cloaks and peasant robes to battle an army of skeletons in a display that's half olde-tyme medieval faire, half "Evil Dead" (somewhat fitting, since the Middle Ages were the height of witch burning and because, well, "Dead" star Bruce Campbell totally rules).

A short clip of the video was posted over the weekend on QOTSA.com, and MTV News was supposed to obtain the full treatment for the "Witch" video, but it turns out that director Liam Lynch never actually got around to doing one (must've been too busy with "Tenacious D In: The Pick of Destiny," the big-budget flick he's also directing). Luckily, Queens frontman Josh Homme came to the rescue, sending an info-packed e-mail our way, describing the inner workings of "Burn the Witch."

"The Queens of the Stone Age have teamed up with multimedia wizardbrain Liam Lynch to make the video for 'Burn the Witch,' a homemade affair that's just in time for Halloween," Homme wrote. "For the band, playing both the roles of cast and crew paid ginormous dividends, in the form of a video that cuts the heads off all contemporaries (literally)."

The "Witch" clip stars frequent QOTSA collaborators Billy Gibbons (who plays guitar and delivers raspy backing vocals on the song), former Masters of Reality frontman Chris Goss, remixers extraordinaire UNKLE and Eagles of Death Metal mastermind Jesse "the Devil" Hughes as members of a torch-carrying mob, who, according to Homme, "foolishly play with the fires of rumor, only to risk being burned by its treacherous flames."

But why is the video populated with evil skeletons (aside from the fact that they're totally bad-ass)? Well, according to Homme, that was all Lynch's idea; he was just along for the ride.

"Nothing can extinguish the eerie visual melee that Lynch serves up hot, because it's a story so fantastical that you'll do more than stare mouth agape, you'll relate," he wrote. "Do not be as foolish as the mob! Watch 'Burn the Witch' and learn a thing or two about a thing or two, before it's too late."

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