Corey Clark Meeting With 'Idol' Producers Over Paula Flap

Former contestant says he just wants to 'set the record straight.'

HOLLYWOOD — Nearly two months after revealing on a heavily hyped episode of ABC's "Primetime Live" that he had an affair with Paula Abdul, former "American Idol" contestant Corey Clark is finally meeting with the show's producers on Thursday (June 30).

The goal of the meeting, Clark said at Tuesday's BET Awards (see "Destiny's Child Give Lap Dances, Fugees End Feud At BET Awards"), is to convince the producers to acknowledge the affair so that Clark is not seen as a liar (see "Corey Clark Advertises Paula Abdul Affair, LP On 'Primetime' ").

"When I did the EndFest with the Black Eyed Peas in Sacramento [California], I came out and some people were booing me," Clark said. "They weren't booing 'cause I was bad, they were booing 'cause of the situation. And that's all media hype and if they really know what I'm saying [is true], then they wouldn't be booing me."

Clark said it's not about getting Abdul fired and that he actually thinks her job should be safe.

"If they're going to back up people that have felony cocaine and marijuana possessions and felony [charges for] beating up people ... she didn't do nothing but have sex with somebody," Clark said. "Everybody on the planet got here 'cause somebody had sex to get us here, so let her keep rolling, let her handle her business. She's a big part of the show for me and probably for the rest of America too."

Spokespeople for FOX and 19 Entertainment, which produces "Idol," offered no information on the meeting, but Clark said it will also include other contestants from the second season, including Ricky Smith.

"Once they found out that there was a real investigation going on, they backed me a million percent," Clark said. "Some of the people that it was funny they didn't talk to was like Ruben Studdard and Ricky Smith, 'cause those two guys were my roommates from that show. So Ricky, he's got my back, he's going to be there to help me out and at the end of the day, we just coming to set the record straight. This is the last step for me. I'm not going to take it any further. I'm not trying to force-feed this. This should answer all the critics."

Meanwhile, Clark is also defending his behavior in a weekend incident in which he was cited with misdemeanor battery charges after a food fight in a Sacramento hotel room (see "Food Fight Puts Corey Clark In Another Messy Situation").

"That was such a big misunderstanding," Clark said. "It was me and my dancers, my management and my record-label people. We had a food fight in our hotel room. Everybody left to get cleaned up, but me and my manager, we were cleaning up the room and we were the ones that got caught with the noise complaint. I didn't beat up nobody, nobody was beat up. I wasn't arrested. We were cited for the noise disturbance and whatnot, and the DA is going to check the situation out and I'm sure once he sees the facts, it'll be written out.

"I guess I gotta cancel my weekly ritual of ding-dong-door-ditching," Clark joked. "I might get the SWAT team out on me or something."

Clark has been traveling to promote his just-released debut album, Hot to Death (see "Corey Clark Nabs Scott Storch, Peas Members For His 'Hot To Death' LP").

He recently shot a video with director Christian Strickland for the first single, the Storch-produced "Out of Control."

"He had good ideas and he handpicked my track," Clark said of Storch. "So me and my writing partner, we sat down, we put down a hot track to it and we came up with 'Out of Control,' which kind of explains the media situation right now."

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