Britney Spears Grants Interview To Undercover Fourth-Grader

Spears tells daughter of Star magazine staffer she would love to have a baby soon.

Britney Spears has encountered her fair share of aggressive journalists, and the singer's publicists regularly fend off intrusive personal questions for her, but has anyone tried slipping Britney a note under her door? That's exactly what 10-year-old Veronica You did to score a phone interview with the pop star.

The fourth-grade student at Los Angeles' Hancock Park Elementary School slipped a note under Spears' door at the posh Le Merigot Hotel in Santa Monica, where the singer was staying while her Malibu home was being redecorated. The note requested an interview for You's school paper, and since that wasn't one of the "false tabloids" that Spears had recently railed against (see "Britney Lashes Out Against Tabloid 'Liars' On Her Web Site"), the superstar actually called the girl back on March 26.

Spears even told You she could ask whatever she wanted. In the transcript of the interview, however, Spears didn't admit to being pregnant (see "It's Official: Britney's Pregnant"), but said she would love to have a baby soon and would be happy having a boy or girl. "As long as the baby is healthy, I don't think it matters," she said.

Commenting on the best aspect of being a newlywed, Spears said she loved "just having somebody that always has your back no matter what. No matter what goes wrong, somebody is there for you." The young interviewer also uncovered that being married doesn't make Spears feel any older. "I feel I have more responsibilities and stuff but, no, not more grown up," she said.

It turns out that maybe someone should've checked out the editorial director behind this pint-sized journalist. According to Spears spokesperson Nicole King, "this was Brenda You at Star magazine's daughter. Rather frightening that someone has stooped so low as to use their child to try to get information."

Besides granting this unusual interview, Spears has also launched a redesigned version of her Web site. The splash page features a fantastical cloaked woman cradling a full moon in her hands that when rolled over turns into a photo of Spears from the back with a golden-colored head wrap on.

"Britney had been wanting to change the look to her official Web site for quite some time," King said. "She had many visual concept ideas for it, and one of the images she had in mind was Josephine Wall's 'Moon Goddess' image. The 'Moon Goddess' image is the cover of Britney's journal, and we contacted Josephine's agent for permission to use this on Britney's new site."