Would You Steal Air Yeezys From A Homeless Man? These People Would

The things people do for a pair of sneakers.

Tons of people go nuts for a pair of Air Yeezys -- especially the "Red Octobers." We know this. What we don't know is how people would react if they saw a pair of the rare kicks on the ground. Sitting next to a homeless man.

Until now.

A new clip, uploaded by popular YouTube channel "fouseyTUBE," finds a guy lying on the ground next a pair of the Kanye West-named sneakers, appearing to be homeless. He's not actually homeless, nor is he asleep, but he's pretending to be.

The experiment puts people to the test: Will they take the Yeezys or keep it moving? Some grab them and try to scurry off, before getting caught and told it's a set-up. Others hesitate and then walk away.

What would you do?

[H/T: Complex]

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