Destiny's Child Get Naked And Get Revenge In New Videos

Clips for 'Cater 2 U' and 'Girl' take trio from desert to big city.

Standing amidst the shifting sands of the desert, Destiny's Child stand strong — and nude.

No, this is not a mirage. Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle have decided to go au naturale — tastefully, of course — for their new video, "Cater 2 U."

Serving as the third single from the double-platinum Destiny Fulfilled, the ballad is the ladies' ode to the men in their lives and how they take care of them (see "Destiny's Child: Reunited And It Feels So Good").

According to the treatment, the Jake Nava-directed video is all about scenery and the beauty of the trio. As it plays out, with each member featured in her own desert scene — Beyoncé on a diving board, Kelly on a deserted road and Michelle in a lounge chair — each lady sings about, and briefly to, their respective men. The video climaxes with a group performance and dance routine that ends in the threesome standing side by side.

Where shooting one video in a week would have been enough for most artists, the ladies of Destiny's Child decided to shoot two. In addition to "Cater 2 U," they enlisted the services of Outkast's go-to director, Bryan Barber, for the "Girl" clip. The video will serve as their next overseas offering and is a stark contrast to the simplicity of "Cater 2 U."

"Girl" finds Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly paying homage to another all-female clique — the ladies of "Sex and the City." As the three get together at a trendy restaurant to console Kelly after being stood up, it quickly becomes clear who's who with Beyoncé stepping into Sarah Jessica Parker's Manolo Blahnik heels as a Carrie-esque character.

The video cuts back and forth from the restaurant to their respective apartments with Beyoncé at the computer and Kelly sitting down to a home-cooked meal alone. At the same time, Michelle is out on a shoe-shopping expedition when she spots Kelly's man getting quite friendly with another woman, which she of course tells her girl when they get together.

Kelly goes home to her man to resolve the situation. And resolve it she does, seducing her unfaithful man into a compromising position in public, much to the delight of her girls Beyoncé and Michelle.

Having wrapped the two clips, Beyoncé will step out on her own once again in a few weeks when she performs with classical singer Josh Groban and the American Boychoir at the Academy Awards (see "Beyonce To Duet With Josh Groban And A Bunch Of Choirboys At Oscars").