Britney Yoga Pants, Sum 41 Neckties And Other Holiday Gift Ideas

Sport your favorite artist on your legs, around your neck and, er, in your navel.

'Tis the season for giving. But what do you give to the music fan who already has everything? Gift certificates are lame, and that reindeer sweater just won't cut it. To help you find that perfect present, here's a list of some gift ideas, guaranteed to please even the most die-hard music-phile. It's proof that not all band merchandise has to fall into one of three categories: patches, pins and panties.

(Click for photos of holiday gift ideas for fans.)

Britney Spears yoga pants


The perfect gift for the Britney fanatic who's already got the "Baby One More Time"-era Catholic school girl outfit, the "Oops I Did It Again" patent-leather spacesuit and the "Toxic"-inspired futuristic stewardess get-up. In these "very comfy" yoga pants (emblazoned with the logo from the ill-fated Onyx Hotel Tour) you'll be emulating Britney's newly "spiritual" life in no time. Dancer/husband not included.

New Found Glory necklace


What do you get when that special someone loves pop-punk more than he or she loves you? How about winning their heart with this extra-classy silver necklace, available for a limited time on NFG's official Web site.

Good Charlotte's Made flip-flops


Neither Joel nor Benji Madden has attended college, but somewhere along the way they learned the most important lesson of dorm life: Always wear flip-flops in the shower. So they've designed these kelly-green beauties to help keep your feet fungus-free. Not surprisingly, the flip-flops are "non returnable," because no one wants to walk around in some dude's old shower shoes.

Slim Shady bobblehead


If you're one of those people who wishes that Eminem would just keep his mouth shut, then this is the gift for you: You'll hear nary a peep from this bobblehead Em. And if you're one of those people who wishes that Eminem was just a seven-and-a-half-inch tall figurine with an oversized cranium that wobbles gently in the breeze, well, look no further ...

Sum 41 necktie


Going on a job interview? What better way to impress your potential employers than by wearing a tie decorated with falling bombs? In no time at all, you'll be the coolest junior account manager in the firm.

Donnas shoelaces


It's a little-known fact that the Donnas are huge fans of two things: rocking hard and tying their shoes. Now you can emulate all that rocking and double-knotting with your very own pair of Donnas shoelaces.. Bet you regret buying those Velcro shoes now!

Linkin Park belly barbells


Are you a girl? Between the ages of, say, 13-18? And do you like Linkin Park? Then this is the perfect gift for you. Accessorize your navel with the band's album, available in three cool colors: red to symbolize the anger of Mike Shinoda's rhymes, blue to symbolize the melancholy of Chester Bennington's lyrics, and silver, to symbolize ... um, something about Joseph Hahn.

Personalized pimp cups


A great gift for anyone who's ballin' on a budget, a personalized pimp cup is the perfect way to party like Lil Jon, without spending big-time cash. Carry your Crunk Juice in one of several smooth designs — like the "Don Juan," the "Cashville" or the fearsome "Beg for Mercy" — because no self-respecting pimp would be caught dead chugging Hennessey out of a paper cup.