Gwen Stefani Battles With Herself On First Single From Solo LP

Song confronts singer's insecurities about performing on her own.

As famous and glamorous as she might be, even Gwen Stefani has insecurities — and she's apparently airing her nervousness about her forthcoming solo album in the lyrics to the album's first single, "What You Waiting For?"

The lyrics to the song — formerly the title track for her forthcoming debut, Love, Angel, Music, Baby — captures the singer's conflicted feelings in the form of an inner dialogue with herself, with the more confident Gwen (who sings in a tough, strident tone) giving the nervous one (squeakier and higher) some tough love: "Take a chance, you might grow ... Take a chance, you stupid ho."

Stefani's nervousness about the album has been well documented (see "Gwen Stefani Turns To Bandmate For Aid After Freak-Out").

The song — co-written with Linda Perry and produced by Nellee Hooper — starts with a sweet, slow piano melody and lyrics that seem to pay tribute to her bandmates in No Doubt ("What an amazing time/ What a family/ How did the years go by?/ Now it's only me"). It then shifts abruptly to a driving beat with layered background voices, as Stefani suggests deadline pressures by singing, "Tick-tock, tick-tock." The nervous Stefani sings in the first person, while the confident one responds in the second person: "Naturally, I'm worried if I go it alone," while the other responds, "You never know, it could be great."

The chorus acts as the kick in the pants that the fretting Stefani needs: "Look at your watch now/ You're still a super-hot female/ You got your million-dollar contract/ And they're all waiting for your hot track." Finally, she starts to sound convinced, and even enthusiastic about what's in store: "I can't wait to go back into Japan." As the song winds down, the two voices merge.

"Making The Video: Gwen Stefani" airs on MTV Wednesday, 10/13 at 6 p.m.

The single is officially released on October 4 (although some radio stations are already playing it); Love, Angel, Music, Baby comes out November 23.