Brandy Scopes Out A Cheater In 'Who Is She 2 U' Video

As clip's narrator, she watches as a man steps to girl after girl.

In the midst of sorting out her own past and future marriages, Brandy has made a video to reflect relationship troubles, which she hopes are behind her.

The singer shot "Who Is She 2 U" this week with director Jake Nava (Usher, Beyoncé) in Los Angeles, but she's crossing her fingers that Fabolous — who's supposed to be on the remix — will sign on to shoot additional scenes for the clip.

Cheating is at the heart of "Who Is She 2 U," in which Brandy follows a man who tries to two-time, three-time and even four-time his way into multiple relationships. It's a subject close to the singer's heart, she said, and one that she figures most females will relate to (see "Brandy Album Preview: Singer Opens Up On Afrodisiac — Or Does She?").

"I made this song for the girls," she said. "It's a song I'm sure so many females have experienced. And I've definitely experienced this before, just like, 'Who's that? Let me know what's going on!' "

In the video, Brandy might just be the only character who knows what's going on, since she plays an all-seeing, all-knowing narrator, who gives the central male character pause with her wicked glances that let him know she's watching his every move. She follows him from a bus to a construction site to a barbershop to a bus stop, all the while catching him in the act with various women, sometimes before his girlfriend does.

"I'm basically narrating the video," Brandy said. "I'm watching a guy talk to three or four different girls. You see him with his girlfriend and you also see him try to do things on the side, and I'm watching it, telling the story, and as I'm telling the story, you can tell that I've experienced it as well."

Despite the normal neighborhood settings and street sensibility, "Who Is She 2 U" glams up both its locations and its star, with Brandy treating the bus aisle like a catwalk and using construction scaffolding, bars and poles as part of her performance.

"I wanted to be fashion-forward, so we're going to give the girl a little fashion," she said. "It's going to be young and fun and sexy, but not over the top — still down to earth."

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