Limp Bizkit Not Liable For Paramedic Injury; Durst Says Band Heavier Than Ever

Paramedic suffered severe injuries after being kicked in the head at Michigan concert.

Fred Durst and his bandmates are not responsible for injuries sustained by a paramedic at a Limp Bizkit concert on October 29, 2000 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the Michigan Court of Appeals decided on Wednesday.

The paramedic, Christopher Dickinson, filed a lawsuit against the band, its management, the venue and the concert promoters in July 2001, claiming that he sustained severe injuries, including brain damage, when he was kicked in the head and knocked out by a Bizkit fan after Durst urged the crowd to come downstairs to the main floor during a show on the band's Anger Management Tour.

In his suit, Dickinson said he was rushing to help a female fan who passed out from a seizure when he was trampled and attacked. He claimed he underwent personality changes after the incident that rendered him unable to work. He added that his wife had to quit her job to take care of him and that the experience damaged his marriage.

In a unanimous decision, the court decided that it was solely the person who kicked him — not the band, arena or promoters — who was liable for the attack, and that it wasn't negligent of Durst to invite fans downstairs.

Limp Bizkit are currently assembling a greatest-hits collection that will likely feature three new songs (see "Bizkit Best-Of Due Later This Year"), but Durst would rather leap right in and work on the band's next full album. He recently called the project a "stupid greatest-hits record" during an interview with Peoria, Illinois, radio station 96.5, and added, "We're kind of fighting with the label on this one, so we're figuring it out."

In addition to the three new tracks, the band is working on a new batch of material for its next full studio album, and Durst said it will be some of the group's loudest, most pissed-off stuff yet. "We've had a lot of time to jell with [guitarist] Mike [Smith] and really become a lot heavier band than we've ever been," Durst told the radio station. "It's probably gonna be some psychotic on acid Beastie Boys meets Pantera sh--. This is more heavy metal meets gut-wrenching torture, anti-pop. Very heavy, very Limp Bizkit."