Snoop Dogg In Talks To Star With Adam Sandler In 'Longest Yard' Remake

Chris Rock also joining prisoners-versus-guards football flick.

He dominated the gridiron at the latest Snooper Bowl charity football game. Now Snoop Dogg may well star as an onscreen football player in a remake of the 1974 film "The Longest Yard."

Snoop is in negotiations for a major role in the production, which will

star Adam Sandler as Paul Crewe, a retired quarterback behind bars, who

captains a team of prisoners in a game against prison guards. Burt

Reynolds played the part in the Robert Aldrich-directed original, which

also starred Eddie Albert and Michael Conrad.

Chris Rock also has a part in the remake, scheduled to begin production

in June. The full cast will include other rap stars along with current

and former NFL players, according to a statement from Paramount


Sandler and Jack Giarraputo's Happy Madison Productions will make the

movie for Paramount along with Van Toffler and David Gale of MTV Films.

While the main story will remain, several elements of the original film

will be changed, Giarraputo said in a statement.