Macy Gray Eyes Collabo With David Bowie, Prepares To Guard Pimp Hopper

Singer also launching clothing line.

NEW YORK — Macy Gray was more than honored to be selected as the opening act for David Bowie's U.S. tour, she was blown away.

"He kind of doesn't have to tour with anybody," the raspy-voiced singer said in New York on Monday. Gray was in town preparing to hit the stage at Madison Square Garden with the Thin White Duke. "Just to find out he's a fan of mine and knows all of my albums, that was cool."

The union has also led to conversations about recording a song together.

"There are rumors of that. It's very controversial right now," Gray laughed. She was joking ... sort of. Ever since she signed up for the tour, they've been talking about recording something together for perhaps a soundtrack or compilation album. "I would love to. He wants to. [It's a matter of] finding the right song that works and a song that both of us can do and make sound good."

In addition to politicking for a dream collaboration, Gray is undertaking another requisite endeavor for pop stars these days — launching a clothing line. Macy, though, insists her line, called Natalie Hinds (after her birth name), will be different.

"It's glamour wear, like Halston or a Jackie O. type of thing. It's hot. If you watch old movies, the way old movie stars used to dress ... it's an old Hollywood look but we hipped it out."

Gray is also exploring more acting work after rocking a noteworthy role in "Training Day" and filming an upcoming episode of NBC's "American Dreams," in which she plays soul singer Carla Thomas. She'll have a part in next year's remake of "Around the World in 80 Days," which stars Jackie Chan, as well as in "The Crow: Wicked Prayer." In that flick, the fourth installment in "The Crow" series, she'll play a mistress opposite Dennis Hopper's "evil devil Satan pimp."

"I'm his mistress and bodyguard," Macy clarified. "Mistress bodyguard from hell." What did Macy have to do to prepare for such a role? "Well, you just have to feel like a mistress, you know, and go out and feel like a bodyguard. You don't want to go to hell, you don't want to get into method acting on that level."