Macy Gray Keeps The Music Coming While Tackling Film And TV

Movies, series, many singles keep singer busy.

LOS ANGELES — Macy Gray's going to need a big dress if she wants to promote her new projects the same way she famously advertised an album at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

Aside from having just released the second single and video from her third LP, the raspy singer has two movies due, a sitcom guest spot scheduled, a cartoon in the works and "like five more singles coming out next year."

Until she gets to the next five, though, Gray is focusing on a ballad called "She Ain't Right for You," the follow-up to The Trouble With Being Myself's first single, "When I See You." David LaChappelle, the celebrity photographer best known for Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" video, recently directed the clip.

"The whole video takes place in one room and I'm gradually falling apart," Gray explained. "Like the room falls apart around me, and as cute as I am, I fall apart too. My hair gets crazy. It's cute."

Gray, who had a small role in "Training Day," also gets crazy, to say the least, in her next movie, "Scary Movie 3." " (see "Master P Gets Serious With Meth And Red In 'Scary Movie 3' "). Gray's scene is with Master P and members of the Wu-Tang Clan (Ja Rule, Redman, Fat Joe and Queen Latifah also appear in the movie).

"We ride up to this club and then we all get in an argument and then we all shoot each other," Gray explained, laughing. "It sounds crazy, but it's hilarious. I shoot everybody. I got like one of those big cannons, like from 'Grand Theft Auto.' "

Unlike most of the scenes in the movie, Gray's does not lampoon another film. "It's actually a parody of black people, to be honest with you, 'cause we all shoot each other," she said, continuing to laugh. "But it's great."

After "Scary Movie 3," Gray will appear in the latest adaptation of "Around the World in Eighty Days," starring Jackie Chan, which will likely be released early next year.

"I play a French nanny," Gray said. "I had a dialect coach so I learned like the whole science of dialect and everything. I'm watching a baby, but the baby's crying and I'm sleeping and the house catches on fire and Jackie Chan jumps through a window — of course — and saves us, then jumps out of the window."

As for her small screen endeavors, Gray will guest on an upcoming episode of Dan Cortese's new UPN sitcom, "Rock Me Baby." And next September a cartoon voiced by the singer and based on her childhood will premiere. "We got the artwork and we're starting to write it and it's going to be great," she said.

Gray, who has lent her unforgettable voice to tracks by Fatboy Slim and Black Eyed Peas, also has one other music project in the works. She's recording a duet this week with famed Italian singer Zucchero, a longtime Gray fan.

"He's huge in Italy," Gray joked, stating the obvious. "But no, it's a really pretty song."